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Billing Analyst

Salford Quays, Manchester

Billing Analyst

Why is this role key to our business?

You will join the consumer billing team for all TalkTalk consumer business by assuring bill runs, completing daily, weekly and live-1 tasks and workarounds. You will be analysing reports to identify trends and potential problems, reviewing agent escalation queries and CEO queries.

You will support billing incidents and create and run complex manual workarounds until automated processes are implemented, making the customer journey as simple as possible

How will I add value in this role?

Assisting the Billing Assurance Manager with assuring bill cycles, reporting, auditing, data collation and checking, trend analysis and commercial and financial reconciliation against expectations and targets

• To ensure that bill cycles processes are completed accurately and on time, collate KPIs and follow up with escalated queries received.

• Understand the impact of any changes to the billing system(s) and processes, and to help with manual workarounds where needed until fixes can be implemented.

• Identify revenue leakage and recommend solutions to improve revenue billed, including crediting or debiting affected accounts

• Answer complex billing queries from Customer Services and CEOs office.

• Develop a clear understanding and awareness of upcoming project work and how those projects will impact on billing, communicating risks clearly to stakeholders where needed.

• Identify any discrepancies in datasets and possess an ability and drive to investigate those differences to recommend solutions

• Liaise with Incident Management when incidents impact on billing by providing appropriate input, supporting the development of solutions for a temporary manual workaround

• Once trained, to be available for on-call & bill run responsibilities 1 week in every 3, which involves being available in the evenings and the weekend during that week.

• Provide billing expertise across the Billing team(s) and other departments to ensure knowledge is shared, billing is better understood and information updated to stakeholders.

What do I need in order to be successful?

  • Ability to understand complex processes
  • Great analytical skills
  • Good Excel Skills

It would also be good to have:

  • Awareness of Billing & Metering
  • Process documentation experience
  • Experience of incident processes

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