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Senior Software Development Engineer

Salford Quays, Manchester

Senior Developer '€“ Manchester '€“ TalkTalk Digital

So who are TalkTalk Digital?

TalkTalk Digital is a division of TalkTalk Group delivering multi-channel Sales and Service engagement with our customers. The product-led customer experiences we create cover the entire Telco customer lifecycle on a wide variety of channels including web, mobile/tablet, IVR, chat and portals for customer service agents and in-home engineers. We aspire to utilise cutting edge technology and processes to provide market leading products and services.

TalkTalk are making Manchester their HQ office, which has meant building a brand new Digital Team. Everything within this team is pretty much greenfield from new user journeys to new products to a very exciting new microservices tech stack made up of Elixir, Erlang, RabbitMQ and Angular.

What does life look like for a Senior Developer in this team?

As a senior developer, you will be responsible for technical leadership of your own Agile squad.

You will work with your team to plan, design and deliver the solution as well as mentoring and improve coding practices and processes within your team.

You will also work with other senior developers and the wider business to help identify new technology and opportunities to innovate.

What impact will my role make?

You will be leading and mentoring a team of developers, helping with any issues that arise and lead by example in following software development best practices.

You'€™ll also be developing and integrating server and client-side solutions, taking into account changing requirements.

Another part of your role will be solution design with understanding of scale, availability, operations, deployment and performance considerations in a microservices environment.

What do you need from me?

Key in this role is someone who has the ability to lead their own Agile squad and ensure best practices are followed so previous mentoring or leadership will be really valuable.

You'€™ll need a technical mindset and also good communication skills as you will be working with people across the business.

We will still need you to get your hands dirty so full stack development experience or functional programming will be very useful '€“ particularly if you have worked with Erlang or Elixir. We can train people with a Java, Ruby or C# background, if you enjoy new technologies that'€™s the type of person we need!

Why should I join TalkTalk?

I won'€™t give you the big sell here but one thing I can tell you is that TalkTalk care '€“ whether that is about their customers or their employees. That'€™s why we offer flexible working and remote working opportunities in order to promote a work-life balance.

Training and development are something we value so we are happy to help out as much as we can with learning new skills and also promote internal growth.

We run a number of initiatives to promote diversity and inclusion. And of course, the social life here is great from team lunches on a Friday to nights out and quizzes '€“ we make sure there is something to suit everyone.

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