Jac Corcoran

Head of Service Transition & Delivery – Technology
Salford Quays: The Soapworks

What is your current role in TalkTalk?

I am currently Head of Service Transition & Delivery – Technology. It’s a demanding, yet rewarding role within our Service Management Function in Technology. Right now, I can’t imagine working anywhere else!

I hold the ITIL v3 Expert Qualification after first becoming a v2 certified Service Manager back in 2005. TalkTalk are currently sponsoring my ITIL Masters qualification which I was accepted on in 2016.

Tell us about your career journey at TalkTalk.

I only joined initially for 3 months back in 2010 and became permanent a year later. I initially joined TalkTalk Business using my service management and outsourcing skills to implement a full suite of application management with an outsourced service provider. I was then approached to continue my career journey as a permanent employee as Head of IT Service Delivery for TalkTalk Business. Within that role, I successfully built a managed application service for TalkTalk Business, introducing the concepts of ITIL. This meant that I set up an IT Service Desk and implemented ITIL disciplines. When Technology became a shared service in 2012, I moved over from TalkTalk Business into the Technology Shared Service.

Eight years on and our team has progressed from there being just two of us in Service Delivery Manager, to a combined team of 20 service management professionals across Service Delivery and Service Transition.

We came together in 2017 in our fab Soapworks facility in Salford Quays. Our collaboration as a team has been aided by our state of the art facility, by bringing two sites together.

Tell us a little bit about your team

Firstly, it’s important to say that my extended team is a team that I am extremely proud of. They are a team of focused IT Service Management Professionals. The next important point to make is that whilst we do have a lot to do, we have fun as well!

The extended team work through two of our ITIL Disciplines – Service Transition and Business as usual (BAU) Service Delivery; they are responsible for the pre-life management of bringing programmes of work into BAU; and the BAU management of service across our Group. Our focus is to deliver a service wrap for TalkTalk which protects service to our business and customers.

I have just finished re-organising our team so that they can work more collaboratively together by portfolio. Service Delivery have worked this way for a few years now and with the addition of Service Transition, each portfolio will work as a mini collaborative team together to deliver services for their key stakeholders and to improve customer experience.

We have grown Service Transition by 3 full time employees this fiscal year and we hope to increase our footprint further in the coming years.

We are currently embarking on a wider three year Service Management programme of work which will implement Remedy 9 as our preferred Service Management tool as well as implementing further ITIL best practice standards. I am joint Business Lead on ‘Tech as a Service,’ a critical transformational programmes this year in Technology. I have a team of three ITIL subject matter experts who are part of my team working in this area.

Every day is different in my team! We never know what challenge we will come into, be it running service improvement initiatives with outsourced service providers or trying to help the business solve an urgent problem.

We like to be known as a flexible, collaborative team who are a trusted partner to enable our wider business and customer experience.

"We came together in 2017 in our fab Soapworks facility in Salford Quays. Our collaboration as a team has been aided by our state of the art facility, by bringing two sites together."

How does your team drive continuous improvement for our customers?

We hold a variety of service improvement forums – not only with our business customers but with our service providers who ultimately provide that service. Continuous improvement should touch all we do every day! We also visit our offshore service partners in India where we can provide advice and guidance on the service that they are providing to us as an extended part of our Technology function. We like to collaborate with our partners face to face as we truly believe it ultimately means we deliver a better service and experience for our customer base.

How would you describe the TalkTalk culture?

TalkTalk culture is like no other organisation that I have worked for! It is energetic, with a can do attitude and is young and vibrant. I have made a lot of good friends in the business and that side of things is what keeps me wanting to develop my career in such a fast paced organisation!

Aside from that, TalkTalk gives its employees amazing flexibility with work/life balance. After prior arrangement with my line manager, I was able to change my working pattern to work a compressed 4 day week, which means I still am able to work 37.5 hours per week, but across 4 days which helps with being a busy working mum to a boisterous toddler!

These arrangements are open to anyone to apply for and I also have a member of my extended team who also works in this way to support his family arrangements.

Less formal flexible working arrangements are also possible – we actively encourage our people to work flexibly from home and from other locations as we have provided lots of tools to be able to facilitate this!

We have an amazing mentoring programme – I have learnt so much from my internal mentor about my own personal branding, which has helped me on my career journey.

I was thrilled to be selected for inclusion in the 30% Club, recently invested in by Mark Dickinson, our Chief People Officer. It aims to have a future goal of 30% of females sat at the Boardroom table across all industries. I now have an external board level mentor and am excited to be able to have a different angle of mentoring from a senior external leader. I hope to be able to use this experience to pass on advice to my own two mentees within our organisation.

Anything else you would like to add?

If you want to join a progressive, fun, flexible organisation then I would encourage anyone thinking of their own career journey to come and join our wonderful organisation. Whether that’s as an apprentice or graduate starting a career journey or to further your existing career.

I have no plans to go anywhere (it’s the longest that I have been in an organisation) and certainly hope that my career within TalkTalk develops further.