Leroy Forbes

Change Manager
Shepherd's Bush: White Building

I’ve been here for 10 years now, and over that time I’ve worked in various parts of TalkTalk – across both Consumer and Group Shared Services. I joined the business because it was a challenger in the market and doing well. Not only that, but the technology really appealed to me. Then, when I got here, I found the people to be really inspiring – and that’s still true today. They’re motivated, intelligent and fun.

My role involves managing change for Product, Commercial and Brand. It’s so much more agile than any other area of change that I’ve worked in. Every day, week, month and year I get to work on something different. The business offers wonderful opportunities for you to stretch yourself and try new things. There’s always something to change – something to make bigger and better for our customers.

"Every day, week, month and year I get to work on something different."

The office is both fun and serious, and the social life is amazing – there are always loads of things to do with your colleagues. It’s also a really flexible environment. I have the equipment I need to do my job anywhere in the world. Right now, I work from home once or twice a month, but there’s no limit.

My advice to someone thinking of joining us? Do it. The opportunities here are limitless; the people will inspire, encourage and support you like never before.


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