Walking into the office with a smile.

Enjoyment matters.


Walking into the office with a smile.

Enjoyment matters.

Shared ideas. Daily challenges. A fast pace. Big rewards.

We’ve never been afraid to shake things up. It’s been a way of life for us ever since we were founded. We’re proud of what we’ve achieved – and we want to keep on pushing the boundaries. So today we’re putting our focus on customers and technology like never before. After all, the better our technology, the better placed we’ll be to get things right first time for the millions of people who count on it.

Our plans for the future are exciting, and not just for us. If you’ve got ambitions as big as our own, you can help to revolutionise our business. And right now, that’s got to be the biggest reason to get on board. Not that there aren’t plenty of others… Here are just a few of them:

We'll get the best out of you so you can do great things for our customers.

Welcome to a pacy, dynamic and innovative environment where collaboration is the norm and development opportunities are everywhere. We want to help you to do your best work and have your biggest impact. Your development will always be led by you, supported by your line manager and backed by the business.

  • Learning on the go

    Learning on the go

    Our technology puts us at the forefront of digital learning – and that means you’ll be able to learn anywhere, anytime, anyplace that suits you.

  • Learning from others

    Learning from others

    Social learning is a big deal for us – our platforms mean you’ll be able to create and share content, connect with people across the business, exchange views and share knowledge. It’s learning for everyone, by everyone.

  • Learning through experience

    Learning through experience

    We’ll keep you challenged throughout your career with us, making sure you have all the exposure you need to grow faster than you might anywhere else.

Whether it’s through on-the-job coaching or through our mentoring programme, we’ll help you achieve your goals and career ambitions.

We’ll make sure your contribution is well rewarded:

You’ll get the full lowdown on our benefits when you apply – in the meantime, here are some of our best bits:

We'll help you strike the right balance

We’re big on giving people a choice about how they work at TalkTalk. That’s why we’re embracing what we call ‘next generation ways of working’. Put simply, we’ll give you a real say about how, when and where you work – and all the tools you need to do it. So you could choose to work from any of our sites across the UK, your home, or anywhere in between (within reason…).

In our own words

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